SteamTool Library Manager 1.1

Released September 22, 2010


Have you run out of space to install games within Steam? Want to install some of the games in your Steam Library to another hard drive or solid-state drive?

With SteamTool, you can install the games in your Steam Library across more than one hard drive. Games on the second hard drive will continue to play, download and update as normal, since Steam is still able to access them using their original folder names.

How to Get Started

  1. Create an empty folder on the additional drive that will have games installed on it.
  2. Open SteamTool, and select the folder that you just created.
  3. SteamTool is now ready for you to transfer games. From now on, all you have to do is:
  4. Choose a game from the list and click 'Move to Storage' or 'Move to Steam'.

    SteamTool First-Time Setup Interface

Important Warnings:

  1. SteamTool makes use of NTFS Junctions. Steam will need to be installed on an NTFS partition for SteamTool to work.
  2. Some programs might display incorrect results when accessing your Steam folder, if they follow the same links that Steam uses to access games on the second drive. (i.e wrong number of files in a folder)
  3. You should read this guide explaining how to back up your Steam Library. No warranty is available in case of data loss, etc. Use at your own risk.


SteamTool v1.1 (Report a Bug)

Download Installer for Windows 7/8/Vista — 380 KB (What's new?)

See the list of known issues for SteamTool at the bottom of this page.


SteamTool Main Interface Screenshot Your Steam games are ready to transfer as soon as SteamTool starts. More
Once you create your storage folder and select it in SteamTool, your games will automatically show up, ready to move whenever you open the app. If you find that your games aren't showing, try running SteamTool as an Administrator.
SteamTool Copying Screenshot A complete copy of the game exists at all times while transferring. More
Before any changes are made to the original game, SteamTool confirms that the game in storage is a complete copy of the original. If SteamTool is unable to finish moving your game (i.e. Steam is still using it), you'll still have a copy of your game, and SteamTool will offer suggestions for how to continue.

If you want to be sure, just close Steam before moving a game that Steam has recently used.
SteamTool Message - Game not linked (v1.1) SteamTool makes it easy to confirm that your linked games are set up correctly. More
SteamTool automatically detects a variety of issues with your games, and will show a 'Messages' button to warn you of potential problems.
SteamTool Link Game to Steam Screenshot Previously installed games can be moved directly into Storage and linked to Steam. More

Known Issues


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